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Thomas T. Bernardo

National Museum Philippines, 1966

" The different techniques and approaches he used on his art works show a sharp contrast to his personal bearing.

His expressions are pure, clear and manifest 'promise' of more vivid and imaginative products in the future."

On the artist's exhibit entitled CONTRADICTIONS 2001

Silvana Diaz

Galeria Duemila Philippines

"Hechanova is an artist who changed over the years, moving his subjects and the elements of his works to fit an ever- changing modern viewer. His exhibit achieves two important points, it makes clear what is important to the here and now, while simultaneously putting nostalgic figures and subjects that have become cultural icons for the truly interesting times in which we live in."

On being awarded as an Honored Senior Artist from the AAHSA

Sharon Sullivan

Jury of Reviewers, 2000 AAHSA Honored Senior Artist Program, USA

"Congratulations on being selected as an AAHSA Honored Senior Artist!

Your painting entitled "ALL AMERICAN" is among 200 exceptional pieces chosen from among the 700 artworks submitted by senior artists all across the nation. Your talent, enthusiasm, and generosity are an inspiration to AAHSA and a tribute to senior artists everywhere."

During the Asian American Heritage Awards NY

Governor Mario Cuomo

1993 New York Governor

”A prolific and innovative artist who made lasting contributions in which he remembers homelessness, domestic violence and AIDS sufferers. He deconstructs experiences and expresses the life that is lived on the border between the Asian and American culture”.

Connie Chin

Assistant to the Governor for Asian American Affairs, 1993

"The Governor's office of Asian American Affairs congratulates you on receiving the Outstanding Asian American Award. Your enriching contributions to New York's Asian American community are much appreciated."

Ruben Defeo

Philippine Daily Inquirer, 1993

"No matter his personal conditions today, he is as daring and audacious as when he left for the US.

He continues to forge new directions to keep up with the highly aleatory character of contemporary art."

On HECHANOVA's winning PLYART style

Larry Qualls

Managing Editor, Art & Cinema, 1981

" In Bert's unique PLYART technique, conditions are created in which unintentional and random are free to operate. The endeavour is organized by rules that arise not from pre-determined structures or codes of perceptual relationships, but from the ineraction of thought with the processes of activity.

He gives process it's own triumphant statement, while still creating concrete, iconic paintings in which neither representation nor abstraction from or apart nature is present.

For Hechanova, it is not gestural emphasis that is important, but de- emphasis, the deconstruction of the painting field."

In asserting the numerous powers of sub-surface, Hechanova prevents the painting from being read synchronically, but forces not to be seen as a diachronic instrument for an understating of the stages of completion."

Leonidas V. Benesa

Writer and Author, AAP President and AICA Philippines, 1969

" The works of Hechanova attempt to blend two world sensibilities: The WESTERN, which is predominantly technological, and the EASTERN, which is predominantly motivated by the spirit."

On Hechanova's first One-Man Show in 1966

Eric Torres

Writer, The Manila Times, 1966

"An impressive show of sculptures, assemblages, oils, watercolours, collages, monoprints, tempera and ink drawings attest to an abundance of creative energies and the presence of a dedicated and determined talent.

Hechanova's non-objective assemblages are complex machines without definite functions, an imposing feats of organic harmony where the whole design is greater than the sum of its several parts.

If the Art Association has a Talent of the Year medal, Hechanova is the likely candidate to win it."

Manuel Rodriguez Sr.

Philippine National Artist/ Fine Arts Professor, Univ. of Santo Thomas, Manila Phils, 1966

"Hechanova's works are highly professional and very imaginative. He deserves all encouragement and support if we expect to see a full blooming of his efforts."

On Hechanova's paintings and sculpture exhibit

Napoleon Veloso Abueva

Sculptor, Fine Arts Professor, University of the Philippines, 1966

"The polychromatic high relief sculptures of Hechanova are solid and exquisite manifestation of his attempt to synthesize painting and sculpture. The artist certainly has a 'high appointment', within his reach and time."

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